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Month: August 2016

When Small Business Owners Need a Lawyer

Most business owners only hire a lawyer when they need to tackle important legal problems that can harm their sales. This is problematic because an attorney should be hired before businesses file lawsuits. However, the process of determining when a lawyer is needed...

What Is a Registered Agent in an LLC?

The limited liability company formation process requires designation of a registered agent. If your business has to open an office in a different state than the one you currently reside in, you will be required to hire a registered agent in the state you intend to...

Tips to Remember Before Signing a Contract

The need for a proper and legally binding contract is crucial in any business. Several things need to be noted so that neither party is entering into a business relationship blindly. Following a few simple tips will make this process go much easier.Make Sure All...

Terminating Employees

As a small business owner, you may find yourself called upon to fire an employee from time to time. This is never an easy situation, so it's important to have proper procedures and guidelines in place. Your workers should have unambiguous expectations of what you...



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