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What Is a Registered Agent in an LLC?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2016 | Business Law

LLC Registered Agent Nevada

The limited liability company formation process requires designation of a registered agent. If your business has to open an office in a different state than the one you currently reside in, you will be required to hire a registered agent in the state you intend to expand to. Many businesses offer professional agent services for a fee. The agent accepts legal notices and forms on the business’ behalf.

What Registered Agents Do

Registered agents are authorized to accept legal documents on behalf of their clients and deliver the documents to the clients. This includes documents associated with a lawsuit that the LLC is interested in or is part of as well as important tax documents.

Registered Agent Requirements

You can hire anyone to be your company’s registered agent provided that the individual is a resident of the state where your company has an office. Once you hire a registered agent, you are required to notify the office of the secretary of state.

Can I Form an LLC in One State If I Live in Another?

An LLC combines the flexibility of an organization with restricted liability protection. An LLC is formed once you have filled documents of formation of an LLC with the relevant state department. You do not need to live in the same state where your company has been registered.


Owners of LLC’s in all states receive restricted liability security from debts and obligations of their companies. The fees associated with filing article of a company vary from one state to another. However, the procedure of forming an LLC is the same in all states.

Articles of Organization

The name and addresses of every person filing the articles and purpose of forming the LLC are among the details contained in articles of organization. Other details include the period of the LLC’s existence and management structure. The process of filling articles of organization for an LLC varies from one state to another and may be done by mail, online, in person, or by fax depending on the state’s requirements.

You should consider whether to file in your state of residence or in a different, business-friendly state, such as Nevada. If you register your business in another state, you will be required to pay all fees required by the other state as well as your home state, if you also do business there. Your registered agent in Nevada should inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of registering your business in a state other than your current state of residence.

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