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Leah Martin Law, founded in 2011, is a trusted business law firm which currently serves businesses in Nevada and Arizona. Our firm offers business law services which include drafting and reviewing contracts, breach of contract services, business licensing, and company structuring and restructuring. Our team of experienced business lawyers are ready to help you navigate the legal landscape with offices in Las Vegas, Reno, and Phoenix. We are a proud team of committed, positive, and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, innovative, and honest. We will work to ensure that each client of Leah Martin Law achieves their personal or legal goals.

While we practice law, it is not our only focus. Every case is evaluated to optimize the desired results. This requires that we also consider social, ethical, and economic issues as they relate to our cases. Our clients select us because they want to be our partners in addressing significant legal issues. They understand that we cannot fulfill their objectives without their investment of time, provision of information, and collaboration as to strategy. Our clients are individuals and entities with whom we share a mutual respect. As a result of that respect, we can count on our clients to timely meet their financial obligations.

We strive to make every client feel like our most important client. We do this by promptly responding to client inquiries, providing complete and accurate information (even when it is not what the client wants to hear), and treating every client with the respect that they deserve. We actively monitor each case to ensure that the optimum result is achieved in the most efficient manner possible. Our clients can also rest assured that we will keep them apprised of any important developments every step of the way.


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Leah Martin

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Managing Attorney

Kevin Hejmanowski

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Senior Associate Attorney

Erik Simpson

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Senior Associate Attorney

Brolin Frasheri

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Associate Attorney

Alexa Tello


Law Clerk

Sydnee Mongeon

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Law Clerk

Yilu Song


Law Clerk

Jeffrey Weldon



Amanda Powell

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Office Administrator

Aivan Villamayor

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Business Development Manager

Gwen Phillip

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Legal Assistant

Justin Fleming

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Finance Clerk

Amanda Richardson


Administrative Assistant

Lexi Cottle

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Administrative Assistant

Donna Bates

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Administrative Assistant




Gary Johnson

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Business Development Rep.