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Member Managed Vs. Manager Managed LLC

There are many decisions to be made when forming a Nevada LLC. One is deciding whether to operate as a member managed or manager managed LLC. This information is submitted to the Nevada Secretary of State during the formation of the LLC and thus the LLC will be expected to operate accordingly.

Business Status: Dissolution vs. Revocation

There are many things to keep track of as a business owner. One of those is your business's current status with the State of Nevada. Keeping an eye on your standing with the state is simple but it's not uncommon for businesses to find themselves in default or revoked...

Nevada Short-Term Residential Rentals

With the rising popularity of short-term rental investments, and the growing interest of the public to find hotel alternatives, the local government in Nevada decided to take a closer look into the short-term rental industry. It's no surprise that the local...

Nonprofits in Nevada

The range of nonprofit organizations in Nevada is ever growing. It's no secret that nonprofits are eligible for a federal tax exempt status and this makes forming this type of entity popular with potential business owners. But the increasing popularity has also...