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Tips to Remember Before Signing a Contract

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2016 | Business Law

Signing a Contract in Nevada

The need for a proper and legally binding contract is crucial in any business. Several things need to be noted so that neither party is entering into a business relationship blindly. Following a few simple tips will make this process go much easier.

Make Sure All Parties Are Identified

The proper and legal use of names is imperative in a contract situation. Make sure that you are referring to whomever the contract actually covers. For instance, if a business is entering into a contract, make sure the business is named and not the representative of the business you may be dealing with. If you personally sign a contract as an individual but the contract pertains to the business, you are still personally liable if something goes wrong.

Consequences of Breaching Should Be Listed

There needs to be a clear indication of what could happen if the terms of the contract are breached by either party. Specific legal remedies should be clearly listed and understood by all who are entering into the agreement. Some contracts may even list a liquefied damage clause in instances when it may be difficult to determine the true monetary value of the damages incurred.

A Lawyer Can Be Very Helpful

A contract lawyer in Las Vegas can be extremely helpful in crafting the language needed and tightening up any loose ends that the contract may have. An experienced contract attorney will know the specific ins and outs that will pertain to the situation.

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