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What You Need to Know About E-signatures

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Business Law, Contract Law

It wasn’t long ago when documents weren’t saved on a hard drive, a server, or sent via email. Today’s businesses have gotten very good at going paperless and as a result have gotten more efficient. E-signatures are a big part of the efficiency and are essential for people on the go. They are common now but there are still some lingering questions related to e-signatures.

You may have needed to sign a digital document and questioned whether electronic signatures are valid and legally binding. The answer to that is yes – e-signatures are just as binding as a signature on paper. The ESIGN Act, a federal law passed in 2000, grants recognition to electronic signatures. Furthermore, the UETA act also addresses the concerns of paper records and the validity of electronic signatures.

What is considered an e-signature? There are many varieties of electronic signatures, ranging from signing a PDF on your phone, authenticating your card’s pin number, or even a finger print.

Each of these however, differs in degrees of security. For the best advice on Nevada contracts and e-signatures, contact a Nevada contract lawyer.

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