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Typical Lawsuits That Can Affect Restaurant Owners

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Business Law

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In a restaurant environment, the insurance risks are higher because heavy foot traffic can lead to problems in the dining area and kitchen. Although the threat of a lawsuit can affect an entire staff, you can keep your business operating efficiently throughout a legal battle by working with an experienced Las Vegas business attorney.

Liquor Lawsuits

If you’re going to buy a restaurant that has a bar, you may have to deal with a liquor liability lawsuit. It involves fights and disruptions that take place when customers are intoxicated and rowdy. Liquor-related lawsuits can be easily imposing, a drinking limit or monitoring customers’ intoxication levels. Without a cutoff, overly intoxicated individuals could start a brawl with one or more customers. If a fight gets intense, other people in a restaurant might get hurt, which could lead to another lawsuit.

Accident Lawsuits

Fights will be less of a concern if you’re not going to serve alcoholic beverages. In order to avoid accident-related lawsuits in a casual restaurant, you’ll have to develop a safety plan for workers in the cook and prep areas. Employees often file lawsuits when they hurt themselves after handling certain items that were improperly stored. Hot plates and sharp knives are just some of the hazards that can cause injuries in a restaurant.

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

As your business grows, you’ll have to implement procedures to increase efficiency and productivity. You may need to terminate some employees when making changes that can benefit the restaurant. When you terminate someone, certain documents must be created and signed. Legal services are valuable in these situations because lawyers know best practices to minimize the risk of wrongful termination lawsuits.

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