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Three Reasons Why You May Be Denied a Business License

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Business Law


Applying for a business license can present many challenges, and you may be ineligible to get one under certain circumstances. The type of business you wish to start along with your personal background play factors in whether your application for a license will be accepted. If you are denied one and believe that the ruling was unjust, a Nevada business license lawyer can work with you to possibly have the decision overturned.

Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction on your record could make it more difficult for you to obtain a business license. You will have a particularly hard time if you were charged with a felony for theft, drug possession, or a violent crime. Contractor businesses, accounting firms, and pawn shops are especially difficult to start with a criminal past.

Zoning Violations

Zoning ordinances may also prohibit you from opening your business at a particular location. The building you were planning to occupy may not be authorized for business activities, which can result in your license being denied. You can also be denied a business license if the building has been deemed unsafe. If you plan to run your business out of your own home, you will need to be approved by the zoning board before you are granted a license.

Failure to Pay Taxes

You can also be declared ineligible if you failed to pay taxes on any previous businesses that you owned. However, if you are able to pay off your debts in a timely manner, your application for a license could be approved. Additional penalties may also apply.  

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