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Easy Ways to Avoid Food Poisoning Lawsuits in a Restaurant

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Business Law

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Food poisoning lawsuits can affect a business’ sales dramatically. However, by implementing a few procedures, you can easily eliminate problems that can harm your customers.

Keep the Parking Area Clean 

Most germs that can contaminate your food stick to surfaces in a parking area. If large trash bins are positioned next your restaurant’s back door, move them to another location. As trash and waste build up in these dumpsters, vermin and flies will make a home within the general area. Each time someone opens the back door to throw away garbage, rodents and insects could access your restaurant and contaminate your food supplies.

Serve Salsa Strategically

Although salsa is an inexpensive food that can boost sales in a casual restaurant, you must serve it with caution. According to the Center for Disease and Control, salsa is one of the top restaurant items that cause food poisoning. Restaurant owners may be sued by customers who eat salsa products when the portions aren’t prepared properly. In order to keep salsa fresh and free of contaminates, everything must be mixed in small batches and refrigerated quickly.

Design Routines for the Staff

By training your staff in an efficient manner, you can avoid many simple problems that can lead to lawsuits. For example, if you post rules on the wall in the prep area, everyone will know what actions aren’t allowed in your restaurant.


If you run a restaurant, you can create effective operational routines by working a Las Vegas business attorney.  To prevent problems that can cause bacteria growth, you’ll have to develop a strategic cleaning policy for the wait staff with your manager.

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