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Three Benefits of Using a Registered Agent for Your Business

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Business Law

Nevada registered agent for business law

If you plan to conduct business in the state of Nevada, the law requires that your company list a resident of Nevada as its registered agent. A registered agent in Nevada needs to have a business address within the state. This person will become the designated recipient of federal and state documents as well as legal documents such as subpoenas. There are many benefits to using a commercial registered agent as your business expands to Nevada. 

Guaranteed Receipt of Important Documents

If your business is served with a search warrant, subpoena or a lawsuit, these documents must be delivered in person. If you are not a resident of Nevada, a registered agent will act on your behalf to accept the papers. A commercial registered agent will operate during normal business hours on weekdays to receive such documents on your behalf.

Minimizes Embarrassing Situations

Many businesses, such as medical offices, could be faced with lawsuits or subpoenas. Having such documents delivered to your place of work in front of your staff and customers could be embarrassing and detrimental to your bottom line. Having a commercial registered agent accept such paperwork for you at another location allows you to minimize embarrassment and maintain confidentiality.

Helps Your Company Maintain Good Standing

With a commercial registered agent, your business dealings with state and federal authorities can be kept in good standing. You can trust that none of your important tax paperwork or other documents will get lost in the shuffle of incoming mail. You will also be able to maintain good standing with local authorities, such as if you are required to report to court as a witness under the terms of a subpoena. The registered agent will start to contact you immediately upon receiving any important documents that could affect your business.

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