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Reading the Fine Print in Employment Contracts

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2016 | Business Law

Employment contract lawyer las vegas

If you are just beginning a career, or if you are returning to the workforce after a hiatus, then it can feel extremely gratifying to be hired. When it comes to looking over your employment contract, however, there is a good reason to read carefully. Two jobs that look alike can be very different when it comes to the fine print, and it is here that you can lose wages or rights if you are not careful. These are some of the things to watch for:

Your Rights and Employment Contracts

If you are looking for a position that commonly has a noncompete clause associated with it, read carefully and consult with a corporate lawyer in Las Vegas. You should also look into your rights in filing a grievance. Are you limited to an arbitration of your employer’s choosing, or do you have rights to utilize the legal system if something goes awry? Though it is unlikely that you may use any of these rights in your career, to sign away the ability to find better work if this job is bad is something you should be fully aware of before completing your paperwork.

Hidden Wage Losses

Certain professions like contracted jobs and traveling sales will put a number of the financial burdens on you without you realizing it. If they structure you as an outside contractor, then you will be responsible for your own benefits and for paying your own Social Security and Medicare taxes. This will take away more of your wage than if you were employed fully by a company, and it will give you fewer rights if something goes wrong. If you are working a job that gives you room and board as a part of your employment, such as a place at a remote resort, look to see if they are considering it part of your pay, as this will significantly raise your tax bill and give you a much smaller check each payday.

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