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Three Reasons Why You Need to Have a Business License

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2016 | Business Law

When you start a business, part of the requirements to operate the business involves getting you must get the proper licenses. Certain types of businesses require specialty licenses, such as a plumber, natural gas service, or electrician. Hair salons, nail salons, and other businesses also require specialty licenses. If you are unsure of the requirements for your type of business, a consultation with a Nevada business license lawyer may help to clear up any confusion.

Providing Services to Customers

Nearly all types of businesses that directly provide services to customers require a business license in order to operate. These types of businesses include personal care services like beauty and health care, maintenance services like furnace and air conditioner repair, and cleaning services such as housekeeping and asbestos remediation. If your business deals with any hazardous substances like asbestos or Freon, you may need additional recovery and collection licensure.


Your commercial taxes are another reason why you need a license to do business. When you purchase equipment or supplies for your business, you will need the license number to be associated with the purchase. This allows you to keep track of your business expenses for tax reasons. You might not be able to consider an item as a business expense, however, if you purchase it under your personal accounts.

Bank Accounts and Financing

You will also need a business license in order to establish accounts for your business. Most banks require that you be licensed to operate a business in order to make deposits or write checks from a commercial account. For legal and tax reasons, your business and personal accounts should be separate. If your business needs to borrow money, the financing will also require your licensure information. The lender may want proof that you are licensed, bonded, and insured before agreeing to lend you any money for your business.

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