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What a Lawyer Can Do for a Breach of Contract

On Behalf of | May 5, 2016 | Business Law

In states such as Nevada, most contracts are legally binding documents that require both parties to follow through on the terms of the agreement. When one of the parties does not meet his or her obligations as stated within the contract, a contract lawyer in Las Vegas may be able to provide legal assistance. When there is a breach of contract, each of the involved parties will likely need to hire an attorney for legal representation.

Legal Consultation

Many contract lawyers will offer you a no-obligation consultation to listen to the terms of your case. If you would like the lawyer to review your contract for you, then you will be hiring the lawyer. Once hired, your lawyer can read through the contract to determine whether its terms have legal standing. Any problems with the contract may nullify it under Nevada law.

Negotiation With the Other Party

If there are no legal problems with the contract, then your lawyer may be able to negotiate on your behalf without needing to go to court. Your lawyer may be able to work out terms that are agreeable to you. This is a common legal resolution for a minor breach or an anticipatory breach of contract.

Going to Court

When there is a fundamental or material breach of contract, your lawyer may be able to represent you in court. A fundamental breach of contract is related to stopping the entire performance of the contract. For example, if you signed a lease for an apartment but you go to pick up your keys and see that someone else lives there, a contract attorney can take the landlord to court for breach of the lease agreement. A material breach is when one party does not meet the expectations of the contract.

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