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Four Steps to Ensuring a Healthy Business Launch

On Behalf of | May 31, 2016 | Business Law

A Nevada business license lawyer can ensure that a new startup begins operating with an appropriate license, but positioning a new business for success requires more than just the right license. The great value of a business lawyer is that he or she can help an entrepreneur solve potential problems before the entrepreneur begins to navigate the market.

Establish a Business as an Entity

Nevada requires any business to apply for and acquire a license in order to operate legally. Nevertheless, forming a business entity is also beneficial. Proper organization is crucial because if a business isn’t formed as an entity, the owners can be personally responsible for any liabilities that it incurs. Establishing an entity, such as incorporating a company, helps to protect the personal finances of the business owners.

Acquire Adequate Capital Before Entering the Market

A lack of capital is the primary reason new businesses fail. The solution to early success is to accurately estimate how much capital and cash flow is required in order to reach the initial growth stage. A good accountant is invaluable during this process, but a business lawyer is also very important because he or she can provide particular insights into the legal management of tangible and intangible assets.

Plan for Successes and Failures

A great business plan not only outlines how to achieve success but how do deal with failures. At least some adversity is likely for most new businesses. Therefore, a business plan should include any potential hardships as well as strategies to weather them. The difficulties your business will face aren’t unique, and a lawyer can inform you on how similar challenges have been surmounted.

Account for Intangible Assets

Even new businesses must identify and accurately value their intangible assets. If you have a great idea for a local yogurt shop, you likely have intangible assets like a name, logos, designs, marketing, and so forth. These ideas have real monetary value, and properly integrating them into your business plan can increase the loan size and therefore the capital you have to begin your business.

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