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Privilege Licensing in Nevada

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2018 | Business Law

Congratulations on securing your State License from the Nevada Secretary of State. So, what now? Can you legally conduct business? Well, more often than not, your business will be required to have a local license at the county or city level. Depending on the operation of your business, you may be required to secure what’s called a “privilege license” in Nevada.

Nevada has been known to pass laws that would make certain business models legal, unlike most states in the United States. The state itself is a big tourist destination because of this. However, these businesses are heavily regulated and starting one that requires a privilege license may take some time – and money. The most common businesses to require privilege licensing involve alcohol, gaming, adult entertainment, or marijuana. However, in the City of Las Vegas, there are quite a few other businesses that require you to get a privilege license, which one might not expect. These businesses include security alarm companies, locksmiths, pawnshops, massage establishments, and auctions/auctioneers, just to name a few.

You’re probably wondering why these businesses and industries are required to obtain a privilege license. According to the City of Las Vegas, these businesses “require a higher degree of supervision and . . . more seriously affect the economic, social and moral well-being of the city and its residents.” Securing a privilege license also includes a background investigation directed by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, which will take time and should be considered when planning your business launch. In certain cases, you may only be able to receive such licensing upon special approval by the city. If you’re looking to form a business in Nevada, consult with an experienced business attorney to see if your business needs a privilege license.

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